Members At-Large

Committee Chairpersons & Appointed Positions

Thanks to all who help make Westbridge run smoothly.

Past Presidents

Thanks to those who have lead the club in the past and helped make it what it is today.
2018-2019 Lawrence Kennedy
2017-2018 Kent Larsson
2016-2017 Jon Harvey
2015-2016 Mark Fohl
2014-2015 Cheri Brent
2014 Richard Marquardt
2013-2014 Al Siegel
2012-2013 Dave Mondiek
2011-2012 Jim Mitchell
2010-2011 Gerry Allen
2009-2010 Eric Erickson
2008-2009 Tom Snide
2007-2008 Mike Lehner
2006-2007 Dave Dillahunt
2005-2006 Jean McCarty
2004-2005 Dick Manassa
2003-2004 Tenny Williams