January 2012 Competition Results

Westbridge Camera Club Competition Results
January 2012
Judge: Mary Gray

Topic: Motion

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Monochrome Prints  

1st Dave Mondiek Water and Wine… 6
2nd Balaji Rajan Lucky Five 5
3rd Mark Fohl From a Moving Train 4
4th Sharon Telatnik Smoke Stack 3
5th Sharon Telatnik Water Funnel 2
HM John Enterline Chillin 1
HM Balaji Rajan Please Read Me… 1
HM Ted Stone Asian Kickball 1


Color Prints

1st Dave Mondiek Captured Photons 6
2nd Cherry Williams Water Play 5
3rd Tom Wehrung Spin Me Not 4
4th Darlene Yeager-Torre Bridge, Rocks and Falls 3
5th Audrey Begun Sphynx Moth Feeding in Flight 2
HM Balaji Rajan Game of Carrom 1
HM Sharon Telatnik Go Live the Wind 1
HM Carol Shurlow Swirling Cups 1
HM Cheri Brent To the Finish Line 1
HM John Hooks Built for Speed 1


Digital Images  View the Winning Digital Images on Zenfolio >

1st Gerry Allen Tide Pool 6
2nd George Clark Morning Commute 5
3rd Jim Snyders Riding the Waves 4
4th Jim Batey Car on Bridge 3
5th Alena Hegedorn Solstice Star Trails 2
HM Darlene Yeager-Torre Hurricane Ride 1
HM Wan Jung Fast Bus 1
HM Cherry Williams Road Runner 1
HM Jim Snyders Impact and Effect 1
HM John Hooks Lemon Drop 1
HM Richard Marquardt Frog Jump Contest 1
HM Mike Lehner Splish Splash I was Taking a Bath 1
HM Andrea Fitch New Albany Classic 1








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