November 2011 Competition Results

Westbridge Camera Club Competition Results
November 2011
Judge: Earl English

Topic: Emotion

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Monochrome Prints  

1st Darlene Yeager-Torre Bad News 6
2nd Dick Wood To Stubborn to say Yes 5
3rd Audrey Begun Waiting 4
4th Sharon Telatnik Unhappy 3
5th Dick Burry Bella - a faithful companion 2
HM Gerry Allen Joy 1
HM Audrey Begun Courage 1
HM Linda Williams Sisters of Santa Barbara 1

Color Prints

1st Mark Fohl Still Smiling 6
2nd Dick Wood Sorrow 5
3rd Linda Williams Soft Touch 4
4th John Enterline Reflecting 3
5th Kathy Wagner The Last Goodbye 2
HM Marguerite Molk Arthur 1
HM Dick Wood Determination 1
HM Dick Burry Lonely Tree 1
HM Sharon Telatnik Having Fun 1

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1st John Enterline The Wall 6
2nd Linda Williams Bear Hugs 5
3rd Paul Wilbur God is it Morning 4
4th Denise McCracken A Beautiful Relationship 3
5th Richard Marquardt Shy Ballerina 2
HM Jim Snyders That's Good 1
HM Tina Efaw Nice Horsey 1
HM Sharon Telatnik The Wedding 1
HM Dick Wood Wonderment 1
HM Richard Marquardt Bouncing Giggles 1
HM Johnny Runciman Give Me 1
HM Mark Fohl Taken by the Music 1






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